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With a diverse teaching background - which includes giving evening classes, instructing social dances abroad with The Kitchen Girls, tutoring line dances for charity and teaching stressed sales executives to feel the music - Ross is an experienced tutor who is always ready with encouragement, patience and a sense of humour!

"Easy going and perceptive tutor-he noticed when people were struggling and went back over the steps without letting anyone feel that they were lagging behind. Entertaining and informative."

"The teacher was excellent. He has been able to cater for all levels of ability and made it very enjoyable"

"Great fun - new dance styles. I LIKE IT!"

"Lovely music"

"Food for both the brain and the feet!"

"Gained an insight into different dance forms. Expert tutor"

"Very enjoyable, friendly teacher made it great fun. Informal atmosphere"

"Brilliant class. Fabby!"

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