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Here is a little background on members of The Kitchen Girls to whet your appetite for their music...

tanera dawkins - the kitchen girls cast shot

Tanera Dawkins
Tanera is a classically trained cellist who has performed on Blue Peter with The Drones, toured Malaysia with The Chainsaw Sisters, rocked Glastonbury with Lamb and performs on the latest album by The Levellers. She has also composed scores for contemporary dance including Stockholm's Cullberg Ballet and now concentrates on writing film scores. Her latest work has been shown on Channel 4 and she is currently working on a score to be released as part of the Short Film Bureau's programme of trailers shown in mainstream cinemas.

judi wright - the kitchen girls cast shotJudi Wright

jackie allen - the kitchen girls cast shotJackie Allen
Jackie is one of the four fiddle players (please don't ask who plays second fiddle!) in The Kitchen Girls and also formed and plays in a number of other popular bands such as Asha and Token Women. A keen dancer herself she also regularly accompanies Ross Allen in workshop and performance as well as playing for dance groups DanceAV and Broken Ankles.

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