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A wide choice of workshops and performances are available and we are always happy to discuss what will work best for you. DanceAV have extensive teaching experience covering all levels of ability and all ages and the young profile of our dancers can be a particular advantage in working with youth and children.

Very enjoyable, friendly teacher made it great fun. Informal atmosphere.

If you'd like some more independent opinions then click to reviews and feedback, or visit the cast section to find out about the performers and teachers.

Dance workshops
can be tailored to your requirements but are typically between 75-120 minutes and are normally accompanied by live music. Classes available include:

+ Precision
+ improvised flatfooting
French-Canadian traditions
+ Cape Breton
+ Quebecoisse
Rhythm tap

+ Hard-shoe
+ soft-shoe
+ jazz dance
+ warm-up sessions
English clog
+ various traditions
Group masterclasses

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