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The ladies and gentlemen of the 'orchestra'...

adam bushell - danceav cast shotAdam Bushell
Adam Bushell is a percussionist of many colours. Outside of DanceAV he plays for the Tacet Ensemble and [rout], both specializing in contemporary classical music. Variety being the spice of life, Adam is now exploring the realms of jazz and funk, playing congas with Thumpasaurus Peoples, a classic funk 14 piece band, and vibraphone with Vogue Gyrator, a smaller free-form group. Basically, if it involves hitting things, and it doesn't pin him down, he'll try anything.

linda game - danceav cast shotLinda Game
Linda is a jazzy fiddle player who also appears on keyboard for dAV. She's well known through her gloriously distinctive playing with the American-flavoured string-band The Kitchen Girls, folk-rock outfit The Fold, plus other projects. Linda is also music teacher at an International School in Brighton.

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