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Wan't to know the where, why and how on DanceAV? Read on...oh, and in case you were wondering the AV stands for audio-visual since for us the A comes before the V!

DanceAV are a collective of performers who come together in order to entertain and teach percussive dance. The original project grew out of the founders' love for dance, music and rhythm and a desire to both celebrate the traditional aspects of the dance forms and have some fun by exploring the potential for combining these with music and song in order to create new works.

lee payne, ross allen and scott cripps musing on life Developing new talent
DanceAV have always had a stated aim to support, encourage and develop talented young percussive dancers. Following the decision to continue after the initial project finished DanceAV set about finding and approaching suitable candidates.

The opportunity to debut with these new dancers arose at 'Bucks Fizz', part of Ballroom Blitz 1998 at the Southbank Centre in London. Dancers rose to the challenge of learning a new style of percussive dance, and worked hard on general performance and improvisational skills - all made possible with the kind support of the MKAA who provided us with our first development funding.

Since then the new dancers have continued to develop by both learning and contributing new material and are all now full cast members.

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