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The likely lads...presented in order of joining DanceAV (and not age, honestly!)

gary o'mahoney - danceav cast shotGary O'Mahoney
Gary is a fine exponent of both traditional and modern English clog who learnt his trade with the Bantam Cocks Ritual Display Team – a group of lads from London with a 'hard-drilling' teacher. Gary has now been on the scene for more years than we are at liberty to divulge and says it makes a good contrast from his job in the City.

gary pell - danceav cast shotGary Pell
A star pupil from a very talented family – all of whom are involved with Chaplin's Stage School in Northampton. Gary now assists with the teaching of American tap and acrobatics (watch for his trademark back-flip) at the school when not working back-stage at the Theatre.

no picture yet placeholderBen Russell
Like Keir, Ben's background was originally appalachian clogging with Tap and Sync although all of his dancing needs to compete with his sporting talents as he plays rugby, football and cricket to a high-level – most notably representing his county in the Rugby under-18s.

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