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Here you can find a overview of the artists under the shindy::arts umbrella. Clicking on a name below will take you to each artist's section of the shindy web where you can find out more about them. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have...

the kitchen girls

the kitchen girls play in a field
A 6-piece string band serving up a tasty menu of tunes and songs from America with appalachian, old-timey, cajun and texan seasonings. Ceilidh, groove or bop – it always swings!

token women

token women picture from the rhythm method CD
With saxophones, trombone, clarinet, fiddles, flute, percussion and much, much more - Token Women's music is joyful, exhilarating, powerful and always eminently danceable!

ross allen

ross allen grafitti picture maybe he didn't grow up busking on the mean streets of New York but Ross Allen does perform and teach a range of fantastic dance styles: flatfooting, clog, French-Canadian, rhythm-tap and more!
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